Monday, March 15, 2010

winter 2010

NYC finally had a real winter this year.  no more wimpy snow flurries and fake ice storms of the past couple years.  we had honest snow storms, the ones you used to ooh and ahh at from you window as a child.  glittery fluffy snow.  this year it snowed on my birthday, not only did it snow but we had a really butt kicking storm.   here are some pics:
this was the big storm at the end of feb that the weathermen on the news were losing their minds over. meanwhile it wasn't as bad as they thought.  

that brings me to my next thought: this past weekend leaves me wondering maybe the weather men should be paid according to how close they come to the actual weather then maybe they wouldn't sit around in a studio horrifying the general public into spending hundreds of dollars in emergency food and products while sitting on the edge of their couches waiting for their roofs to cave in.  why? why would i say something so terrible? BECAUSE! here in NYC this past weekend, they sat around in their studios and said 'we'll be getting non eventful rain this weekend until monday'.
that's all i heard and anyone i know heard about the weather for this past weekend.

so explain to me why all the sudden on saturday i wake up to 60 mph winds and coastal flooding?!?!
they didn't see a nor'easter coming for NYC???!?!?!  people are still without electricity, heat, water....there was flooding all over, the wind ripped a piece of our house off, huge trees flew right out of the dirt!  so where were the weather men the couple days before this storm?  they way they usually carry on about storms i would've thought they'd be there flailing their arms in the studio and running around like chickens without heads.  where were the reporters who are usually interviewing people boarding up their windows and running out of supermarkets with $400 worth of water and canned goods? NOWHERE!  you and i both know how mental they can get us all when they start hyping up a storm.  now the time when we needed a warning they lay down and go to sleep?

there was not a single word uttered on the news about a nor'easter, they said rain.  and people were totally sideswipped by it.  so i can't help but ask? should they get paychecks for last week? what did they do? maybe i'm mean....


jen said...

I've always thought the same thing. I mean, I'm sure they're doing something...maybe....but, it kinda seems like they're just randomly guessing most of the time, and they don't even have to be right, or close to right. I'm with you girlie!

sMacThoughts said...

Oh my gosh, you are right about this last weekend... did not see (nor hear of) it coming! But I have to say that unlike you, I was thoroughly disappointed and unimpressed with the supposed snow storms. Lame, all, in my opinion.... at least here, in downtown manhattan.... all my coworkers were raving about their dramatic snows... here, no, all turned to slush and the most we ever got was maybe 10 inches. That won't cut it in my book. I want mother-storms. :D