Monday, December 22, 2008

hessler ave bag revamp

i wanted to make a new design for a bag, plus i also wanted to make my mom a christmas present. when i asked her if she wanted a tote bag she was kinda like 'ehhhh' so i took that as my opportunity to make her something a little less utilitarian. she's had enough of those tote bags she lugs around full of yarn, files, lunch, and who the heck knows what else.
so here it is. the hessler ave bag new and improved and cute as a damn button.
it has my signature scribble stitching, a zipper closure, two inner pockets, it's made with used seatbelts, organic cotton, and bamboo fabric. i better send it out christmas is thursday!
i also got her some hemp face cream from the body shop and my dad some hemp foot cream for his feetsies so they are supple and soft like pillows.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

handmadecavalcade was GREAT!

it may look like i was bored but that is far from the truth. thanks to the amazing efforts of my truely talented and dedicated teammates of the {newnew} we had so many shoppers at the cavalcade, it was great.

i forgot my table, Kristen from Cakehouse and her bro Ben saved my day! i was still setting up when the shoppers started arriving.

the shoppers came in waves , they were all very nice i have to say. It was so exciting for me to share my love of rockaway with people who don't really know much about it and to also spike people's memories who used to spend summer's there. even better than that was debuing (is that a word?) my new handbags that i have been working so hard on over the past months.

Thank you Lisa of Fubabee for the pic!

Monday, December 1, 2008

maple syrup

this weekend we went to VT.
however i did not remember to get some maple syrup, and i'm running low here in rockaway.
it may have been cause i was busy sewing new handbags. i used some organic twill i ordered and repurposed seatbelts. i really really like the size, the rivets, the feel, they are comfortable to carry too. back to work, well right after i watch kitchen nightmares on bbc.