Thursday, March 25, 2010


i ordered some eco-friendly faux leather last week and it finally came in!! so i promptly made a super pleated clutch and a broome street clutch! 
these are cool because they have pockets on the inside.  the broome street clutch has 3 pockets and 2 have magnetic closures, the superpleated clutch has 2 regular pockets.  they are made with faux leather that is biodegradeable and made without VOC's they are really neat-o, super big and super fun....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


you can now find my shop on the very awesome site PAPER N STITCH!!  it's a gorgeous online exhibition space where you can find talented artists, designers and handmade goods. take a look!

Monday, March 22, 2010

wish list

i hate clutter you would never know it by looking around my house.  things prevent me for being able to organize my stuff, mostly funds.  i need funds to buy the storage objects and those purchases fall way low on the priority list.  today i thought i'd pretend i could buy some things to start getting the house organized in style.  i love vintage, and mixing vintage with simple modern decor so that the style of the vintage object can shine.  here are some things i would use for storage:
ooooh the things i could put away in these!  going clockwise from the top left:

large vintage metal basket from neatokeen
vintage hardware parts drawers from luckylittledots
antique whisky farm style crate from ingenuity on display
vintage mail bin from vintage jane

Friday, March 19, 2010

new in my store!

it's big, it's pleated, it's cranberry!

making a list

and checking things off.
i am roman catholic.  so for lent i am giving up procrastination.  it's been hard!  i definitely have been living my life as a person who puts things off.  sometimes it's not too detrimental and other times it infuriates those close to me and myself.  but i am not a drug addict or an alcoholic so procrastination has become my vice and until it started affecting other people's lives did i realize what a nasty habit i have. 
it's like watching yourself on tv and knowing that you don't want to be this person, feeling like you are a completely different person than you thought you would be or could be - i could be better.

recently i had an intervention, my friends and family gathered in a room and one by one told me about everytime i had disappointed them with my selfish, reckless procrastinating behavior. it was horrible, i keep seeing images of them in tears, my aunt brought all of her dead plants, it was torturous.
just kidding, none of that happened

but something did happen with one of my best friends and it wasn't really horrifying, but it was totally disappointing and she was 100% right and that was when i realized that what i do does affect those i care about.  i am not interested in being one of those people who have ridiculous expectations of not only the people around them, but themselves as well. the problem there is that you can't control everything and everyone around you so you are only setting yourself up for disappointment.  you can plan out your day, week, month and life minute by minute and there are going to be obstacles thrown at you.  you can almost see these people's veins popping and hear the explosions going off in their brains.  that is no way to live either.  constantly fighting to keep what you think is "order".

but i admire them as well. for their determination to keep organized and in line.  there really isn't anything wrong with it until it consumes them.  there could be a happy medium between them and i.
as i start checking things off my list that have been hanging over my head for months i do feel happier.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

and the winner is........

TARA!!! i guess it was good karma because she was one of my very first customers when i started this venture!!congrats Tara and thank you!
THANK YOU everyone who entered, it was very nice to see how many were interested in winning one of my clutches, stay tuned because i want to do more giveaways!


ok kids! so today i will announce the winner of my giveaway, it'll be very soon......
in the meantime lay your eyes on this - announcing THE SUPER PLEATED CLUTCH!!!!

YAY!!!! this has been in my head ever since i designed the super pleated tote.  it's the perfect sibling!  it's super sized with gorgeous side pleating and it has a zippered closure.  take this baby out for a spin! get yours here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

new design - the broome street clutch!

i am so excited tonight.  it's been my mission to make some classic designs for bungaloe that could be my staple, signature designs.  so far the super pleated tote is one of them - the next addition to the bungaloe family is: the broome street clutch!! named after the street my mom grew up on in nyc.
i love the design because it's pretty classic, just straight up sleek.  it's made from reclaimed leather, has a flap with a hidden snap closure, riveted detail and you can stick your finger inside the strap for easy access.  it's very large approx 8.5" l x 12.5" w.
i have this obsession with making clutches that are perfect for going out with: on a date with your man or a new date, for a nice lunch or dinner with friends and i think this one fits into that category perfectly.  get it here!

winter 2010

NYC finally had a real winter this year.  no more wimpy snow flurries and fake ice storms of the past couple years.  we had honest snow storms, the ones you used to ooh and ahh at from you window as a child.  glittery fluffy snow.  this year it snowed on my birthday, not only did it snow but we had a really butt kicking storm.   here are some pics:
this was the big storm at the end of feb that the weathermen on the news were losing their minds over. meanwhile it wasn't as bad as they thought.  

that brings me to my next thought: this past weekend leaves me wondering maybe the weather men should be paid according to how close they come to the actual weather then maybe they wouldn't sit around in a studio horrifying the general public into spending hundreds of dollars in emergency food and products while sitting on the edge of their couches waiting for their roofs to cave in.  why? why would i say something so terrible? BECAUSE! here in NYC this past weekend, they sat around in their studios and said 'we'll be getting non eventful rain this weekend until monday'.
that's all i heard and anyone i know heard about the weather for this past weekend.

so explain to me why all the sudden on saturday i wake up to 60 mph winds and coastal flooding?!?!
they didn't see a nor'easter coming for NYC???!?!?!  people are still without electricity, heat, water....there was flooding all over, the wind ripped a piece of our house off, huge trees flew right out of the dirt!  so where were the weather men the couple days before this storm?  they way they usually carry on about storms i would've thought they'd be there flailing their arms in the studio and running around like chickens without heads.  where were the reporters who are usually interviewing people boarding up their windows and running out of supermarkets with $400 worth of water and canned goods? NOWHERE!  you and i both know how mental they can get us all when they start hyping up a storm.  now the time when we needed a warning they lay down and go to sleep?

there was not a single word uttered on the news about a nor'easter, they said rain.  and people were totally sideswipped by it.  so i can't help but ask? should they get paychecks for last week? what did they do? maybe i'm mean....

Friday, March 12, 2010


today the sky is dribbling rain, it's chilly and gray.  i really don't need an excuse to have a hot cocoa, but the weather has given me an opportunity that i cannot pass up.  i think it's time to share with you all my mom's hot cocoa.  it is the best hot cocoa i have ever had.  i hate to take the romance out of the whole scenario: 'it's made with love', 'it has special secret spices', 'mom learned it from a deceptive society buried beep in the rainforest'.  it's really just a simple common sense recipe. i don't think she wrote it.  it just tastes so much better then buying packets of hot cocoa and takes no time at all it's seriously worth it to make homemade hot cocoa.

photo courtesy of oziahz blog
you will need:
baking cocoa powder unsweetened - mom always used hershey's

TADA! insane right? 
take your mug measure however much milk fits in it
pour it in a pot
measure out a heaping spoonful of cocoa
sweeten to taste with the sugar
cook over a very low flame
the best thing is that it tastes amazing this way but you can get mad scientist on it.
add vanilla extract, use maple syrup (my fav sweetener), use cream, use skim milk for less calories, top it with whipped cream, add bailey's for a chocolatey drunken night.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

i'm on a mexican whoa ooh radio

i don't wanna be one of those people who says they loved something before it was mainstream but i did - i loved and still love the temper trap song "sweet disposition" before it was on a coke commercial - ok maybe it was only about a month before i saw it on tv but still:

this brings me to think about how much i miss the station WDRE 92.7 and my feelings about radio music in general.  this song is so reminiscent of the music i grew up listening to in the '80's.  WDRE played a lot of  new wave music, ie: the cars, talking heads, the waterboys, the english once was WLIR here in nyc and long island.  if you'll indulge me i'll go into my musical history a bit and how i am turing into my dad.  while my dad was the perfect age to be a "hippie" or "baby boomer", when i was little we listened to WLIR/WDRE and i knew nothing about music from the 60's & 70's, classic rock, disco, grateful dead, the beatles or trippy LSD music.  my dad has always been very in the moment. 

once i got to high school and started idolizing my bro who listened to classic rock and heavy metal i kinda fell into that a little.  i was totally all about alternative music when it came out too, alice in chains, nirvana, red hot chili peppers (well, still love rhcp) and to this day still love pink floyd.  i asked my dad why he didn't still listen to the music of his day, how come he didn't expose me to the bands from woodstock, he said 'because i am SICK of it!!!'.  well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! i can't stand listening to any of the stuff from the 90's or what i listented to as a teenager anymore! except pink floyd. i am just totally over it - i'd rather listen to a blender sometimes.  it grates against my soul........and i really just hate the way the radio dj's play EVERYTHING out.
like, seriously, there are other songs by led zepplelin besides d'yer maker! come the f on already! if i have to suffer thru touch me by the doors one more time i'm going to pour hot lava in my ears. get with it.  dj's totally destroy songs at least play a lesser known song by these bands. makes me so angry i start yelling obscenities at the radio - people in the car next to me are scared for their lives.

another sign i am becoming my dad besides wanting to take a screwdriver to my radio is that he used to listen to independant radio when he lived in ny.  i would be like 'dad wtf are you listening too?'  well here we are and 90.7 and 91.5 are locked into my radio.  independent radio is amazing for the obvious reasons they are not sponsored by anyone but donations so they can play whatever the heck they want to play, they don't have to answer to anyone.  the morning show on 91.5 is awesome it's independent music, some better known bands mixed in there.  sure sometimes you will tune in and hear indian music, but sometimes i liek listening to that too.  it's just different it's stimulating to the mind.  let's hear it for indie radio stations!


i am nauseated by the slim pickings on the dial.  i bet dj's would play more experimental music if they were allowed to, but unfortunately they have advertisers to answer to and i'm sure there are politcis that are involved that i know nothing about or care to know.
you could say to me that i should get satellite radio and i say to you NO!  i don't need another freaking bill!!!

so my point is that:
a: i am turning into my parents
b: i am thrilled with the resurgence of all the new wave influenced bands that are mainstream
c: i love pandora
d: i need to get an ipod
e: nyc dj's should get it together
f: still have a lot to learn about finding music to my ears..................

p.s. i just skipped blind melon's no rain on my pandora radio because it crazily thought i wanted to hear that played out song.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

can i just say

that i am so over fake moustaches! this might go over like a lead balloon but it had to be said!
back in the day real ones made me think of registered sex offenders and wrestlers. my dad had one and i guess on him it didn't make me suspicious because i knew he was on the up and up. (now he has a goatee) but anyone else was highly suspect in my book.
the fake ones are more friendly. they now feature an upturn at the ends forming a funny handlebar, while it is less threatening it is getting tiresome.


i think it's about time i host a giveaway, in these stressful economic times it's hard to scrounge up the cash to buy the fun things in life. it's 7am on a wednesday and i wanna spread some joy!
YOU can win this screenprinted bungaloe canvas clutch handmade by me!

featuring 2 snap closures, an outside pocket and houndstooth screenprinted detail, measures approx 11.5" w x 6.5" l, made with organic canvas and waterbased ink.

here's how to win:
1. look thru my blog and note your favorite post in a comment on this post. (you MUST leave a comment because this is where i will choose the random winner from!)
2. take a look thru my etsy store and heart your favorite item.
3. if you have a blog become a follower of my blog.

pretty simple! you have until 12am tuesday march 16th.
i will choose the winner at random by next wednesday 9am and announce it on my blog!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GIVEAWAY from the {NEWNEW}!!

i am a member of the {NEWNEW} etsy street team and this month, The {NewNew} Blog will be offering fabulous giveaways TWICE A WEEK from many of its talented members. From unique ceramics to glamorous jewelry to incredible paintings...each post will bring you a chance to win a {NewNew} item from some of the best Etsy shops in New York! Please share these amazing contests with others, and please visit this blog often for updates!

We kick off this Month of Giveaway Madness by featuring well known {NewNew} member MAY LUK a Brooklyn based ceramic artist who creates a line called TAKE ME HOMEWARE.

What better way to set a fresh and exciting Spring table than with items from May Luk's shop? AND GUESS WHAT? YOU CAN WIN THESE TWO GREAT PIECES!

A pair of his and her ditsy bowls for holding all your precious things. These will make a beautiful addition to your home.

Make sure you are a current follower of this blog. Visit May Luk's shop and take a look at all of her beautiful work. Then visit the newnew team's blog here and post below in comments and let us know what your favorite item is. You may comment one time only, but if you tweet or blog about this giveaway you get an extra entry, so mention that in your comment! CONTEST ENDS MARCH 7. Sorry- US entries only.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

new design - super pleated tote

i featured this style tote a couple weeks ago but didn't have the time to talk about it much, so hear it is:

i love this tote!!! i first started making hand bags with the intention of one day making a bag like this, i didn't know what it looked like in my mind years ago. it's been a process for sure. it's the fruition of everything i've always wanted in a bag for myself but couldn't afford or find.
the super pleated tote bag is a design that you could use everyday and feel like your carrying your belongings in something special. i love pleats, but i wanted to use them in an unexpected way - they are on the sides of the bag in a scattered pattern to create movement and scrunchyness.

the pleating created a really cool shape for the bag. the handles are riveted on. i wanted to keep the overall look simle by leaving out o rings and d rings and buckles.

the inside of the bag has 2 pockets. the outside is made from reclaimed leather and the interior is made with organic canvas.