Thursday, March 11, 2010

i'm on a mexican whoa ooh radio

i don't wanna be one of those people who says they loved something before it was mainstream but i did - i loved and still love the temper trap song "sweet disposition" before it was on a coke commercial - ok maybe it was only about a month before i saw it on tv but still:

this brings me to think about how much i miss the station WDRE 92.7 and my feelings about radio music in general.  this song is so reminiscent of the music i grew up listening to in the '80's.  WDRE played a lot of  new wave music, ie: the cars, talking heads, the waterboys, the english once was WLIR here in nyc and long island.  if you'll indulge me i'll go into my musical history a bit and how i am turing into my dad.  while my dad was the perfect age to be a "hippie" or "baby boomer", when i was little we listened to WLIR/WDRE and i knew nothing about music from the 60's & 70's, classic rock, disco, grateful dead, the beatles or trippy LSD music.  my dad has always been very in the moment. 

once i got to high school and started idolizing my bro who listened to classic rock and heavy metal i kinda fell into that a little.  i was totally all about alternative music when it came out too, alice in chains, nirvana, red hot chili peppers (well, still love rhcp) and to this day still love pink floyd.  i asked my dad why he didn't still listen to the music of his day, how come he didn't expose me to the bands from woodstock, he said 'because i am SICK of it!!!'.  well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! i can't stand listening to any of the stuff from the 90's or what i listented to as a teenager anymore! except pink floyd. i am just totally over it - i'd rather listen to a blender sometimes.  it grates against my soul........and i really just hate the way the radio dj's play EVERYTHING out.
like, seriously, there are other songs by led zepplelin besides d'yer maker! come the f on already! if i have to suffer thru touch me by the doors one more time i'm going to pour hot lava in my ears. get with it.  dj's totally destroy songs at least play a lesser known song by these bands. makes me so angry i start yelling obscenities at the radio - people in the car next to me are scared for their lives.

another sign i am becoming my dad besides wanting to take a screwdriver to my radio is that he used to listen to independant radio when he lived in ny.  i would be like 'dad wtf are you listening too?'  well here we are and 90.7 and 91.5 are locked into my radio.  independent radio is amazing for the obvious reasons they are not sponsored by anyone but donations so they can play whatever the heck they want to play, they don't have to answer to anyone.  the morning show on 91.5 is awesome it's independent music, some better known bands mixed in there.  sure sometimes you will tune in and hear indian music, but sometimes i liek listening to that too.  it's just different it's stimulating to the mind.  let's hear it for indie radio stations!


i am nauseated by the slim pickings on the dial.  i bet dj's would play more experimental music if they were allowed to, but unfortunately they have advertisers to answer to and i'm sure there are politcis that are involved that i know nothing about or care to know.
you could say to me that i should get satellite radio and i say to you NO!  i don't need another freaking bill!!!

so my point is that:
a: i am turning into my parents
b: i am thrilled with the resurgence of all the new wave influenced bands that are mainstream
c: i love pandora
d: i need to get an ipod
e: nyc dj's should get it together
f: still have a lot to learn about finding music to my ears..................

p.s. i just skipped blind melon's no rain on my pandora radio because it crazily thought i wanted to hear that played out song.

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