Tuesday, March 2, 2010

new design - super pleated tote

i featured this style tote a couple weeks ago but didn't have the time to talk about it much, so hear it is:

i love this tote!!! i first started making hand bags with the intention of one day making a bag like this, i didn't know what it looked like in my mind years ago. it's been a process for sure. it's the fruition of everything i've always wanted in a bag for myself but couldn't afford or find.
the super pleated tote bag is a design that you could use everyday and feel like your carrying your belongings in something special. i love pleats, but i wanted to use them in an unexpected way - they are on the sides of the bag in a scattered pattern to create movement and scrunchyness.

the pleating created a really cool shape for the bag. the handles are riveted on. i wanted to keep the overall look simle by leaving out o rings and d rings and buckles.

the inside of the bag has 2 pockets. the outside is made from reclaimed leather and the interior is made with organic canvas.

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What an excellent bag! I love deep bags because I carry my whole life with me wherever I go. I say, the more space, the merrier.