Monday, May 3, 2010

after the decision was made....

i decided to order the bronze metallic fabric.  i felt like it was fun neutral, you could wear this color with many many outfits, and even though the bronze made me think of summer, i think you could carry a bronze bag well into the other seasons.
so here is a prototype of my new line of bags and clutches:
the weaved ones!
i love texture, my goal is that my designs reflect my love of texture in many shapes and forms.  i already have a line of pleated bags and clutches in my arsenal so now it's time to add another texture to bungaloe: weaving.  it's a very special, eye catching kind of texture.  i've made it in a random pattern to give weaving my spin, the metallic faux leather helps to enhance the texture.

this bag is a very large hobo, it's super slouchy and shiny.
-approx 18" wide x 13" high
-organic canvas lining
-magnetic snap closure
-2 inner pockets
-made from eco-friendly faux leather: non-pvc and biodegradable

i'm taking orders if anyone is interested!


French Revelation said...

This is lovely - you are very talented.

Autumn Rain Creations said...

Beautiful! I think of my daughters when I look at this. They love Gold colors and bags!

Eve said...

I love the bag!!! I'm glad you went with the bronze metallic fabric, it's perfect and would go with almost anything.

Dee's Kitchen and Bath said...

Love the new design and the weave. Very professional looking and it seems to be the 'in' style right now.

cabin + cub said...

love the color! great for all seasons! lovely! ;)