Wednesday, January 13, 2010

new stuff!

i hate to start every entry with 'i've been so busy i haven't been able to blog', it's so generic. but it's true. i really have been dedicating lots of time to making bungaloe a success. so in the last couple weeks i have been researching where to get leather to reclaim, and scratching my head on how to sew it together. i don't have an industrial or commercial leather sewing machine so there are many trying times when sewing. and i am self taught, mostly through trial and error and internet research. it takes time - lots of time. anyway i have to get back to work so here's a new bag you can buy it in my etsy store if you wish!
it's made from reclaimed leather, features verticle ruffles and studs, a zipper closure and removable strap and of course is completely hand made!

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