Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pardon my absence

from your life. I have been undergoing much thought about bungaloe, where it's headed and what i like to create. i finally got the faux leather i ordered about 2 weeks ago just in time to make something new and exciting for the Henri Bendel "open see" which was held on Oct 23rd.
well things just weren't going the way i thought they would, i didn't go. BUT i am not too sorry. the last two weeks have been again filled with doubts and questions about what i am doing and what i WANT to do. i spent a lot of time knitting - which is another creative outlet i really want to explore - and just letting things come. here's my newest design it's part of my 'fleather' line of bags and accessories.

that's it for now! i have more designs in the works, one of my other dilemma's is how to change my esty store, stay cohesive and not freak people out because i am completely changing direction.........

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