Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the hessler ave bag

reconnecting with sewing has been frustrating and rewarding. I have been working on building a bag for over a month. At times it was painful but i just couldn't give up. something inside told me to keep going. i've always wanted to make things that people can use. creating and sewing handbags, clothing and other accessories gives me the mechanical satisfaction that i need to keep me happy. and to come out of that process with something practical and everyday is awesome, i love it!
this bag is named after the street that my dad grew up on and my nanny lived on for years later. we lived within blocks of her and i spent almost my entire childhood with her, because my parents were working their butts off. at her house i developed lots of my creativity.

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Ann said...

I love this bag, love the color. i am not good with my sewing machine and the few things I do make always amaze me. I turned this fabric into a cell phone holder - this is so cool. I love practical. I wish i had the talent.

anyway, love the bag.