Wednesday, February 20, 2008


no, not mine......yet! my mom's birthday is today and mine is the 26th. everyone wish my mom a happy & healthy birthday! she and my father are both very creative in different ways, she is into sewing & kntting, and my dad paints. she went to fashion school i think after my bro was born but before me. gotta give her hand for raising a youngin and getting to school!
i remember as a child my mom had a sewing room which later became my room (sorry mom!!).
it was fascinating to me, the sewing machine, that crinkly thin paper that she used for patterns, the work table my dad made for her ( dad made that right? sometimes i question my memory) and more than anything i love my moms hands. i love to watch them doing things especially sewing & knitting, it's just so darn comforting. i know that her love to create, watching her as a child and still to this day is burned in my memory and subconsciously this need to make stuff pours out of me. i was told by her that i was hand sewing at a very early age and as far back as my memory goes i remember being facinated by the way you could sew them together and then when you flip it or turn it right side out the stitches disappear and the fabrics are now together! it's magic!!!! and i dont like it to be too busy, i like really concentrating on the two fabrics and how they compliment each other.
when i got older i focused mainly on the skills that my dad blessed me with, drawing & painting and i love that so much! i cant even get into that right now cause i'll be here for another hour.
right now i love doing both and by making these shirts i feel like i am satisfying skills that fortunately for me were inherited from them. drawing, making the screens, printing, sewing designing and wearing or selling or giving away, it's just awesome.
so in honor of my mom and her birthday, this shirt is as much a part of me as it is her.

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